Work Life Crisis


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PeachCap, a nascent in the financial industry, had one goal: like Uber they were set on disrupting their respective industry. 

When you think about it, Uber’s value proposition had been around for decades, only that it had been reserved for the wealthy few. But with the use of technology it disrupted the car service industry, telling everyone that they too were entitled to a private driver.

Now it was PeachCap’s turn to tell everyone that they too were entitled to another service that had been reserved for the ultra wealthy—the family office.

The Ask 

PeachCap commissioned us to create an awareness campaign that would position the brand as a disruptor in the financial industry—with a focus in Atlanta and New York.


Through our research we learned that financial advisors had a lot on their plates; stressed by issues like work life balance, growing their practices, and effectively managing client relations. And when you have a lot on your plate, you are bound to feel a little bit out of control.

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Only 13% of advisers felt in complete control of their time, only 10% of advisers felt in complete control of their businesses, and over 50% of advisers felt out of control.


Our research further revealed that a lack of control "actually increases the need to seek structure and patterns.” In addition when advisors felt in control of their business they were able to see on average one additional client per week (equaling to about 50 more client meetings per year). This capacity to work with more clients improved their overall bottom line.

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Role of the brand

PeachCap offered exactly what these financial advisors needed.

Through its support structure PeachCap gave financial advisors back control.

Advisers who had clearly defined business goals (68%) and personal goals (59%) were more likely to have more control. In addition advisers who had strong infrastructures— team, process, and technology— were more likely to be in control.

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When you feel out of control, a little help goes a long way.



'Work Life Crisis' shows financial advisors that PeachCap offers them the right culture, networks, and tools to strengthen relationships with current clients and acquire new ones.

Idea I

Our campaign was built around the idea of averting a work life crisis. The campaign rolled out with a series of banner ads that highlight the struggles of independent financial advisors, through the tagline 'Get a little help, before you need a lot of help.' These ads would run on sites where users are looking for help and bring them one step closer to the roadshow. 

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Idea II

Once at the roadshow, we would offer Instagram starter kit booths, as part of our bundle of counseling services. These would led by "instragram pros" that would position advisors with an effective social media page. 

Idea III

After clicking on one of our banner ads a user would be brought to our Rorschach ink blots and human identification screeners. These would allow advisors to share their true feelings and then bring them to the PeachCap site to learn more about the upcoming road show.

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