On Repeat

If you run into me on my day off, there is one accessory that you will never see me without, my Beat Headphones. I’ve always said it, music helps me breathe. Tunes are on when I am on the subway, as I stroll down New York neighborhoods, when I am doing research for a new blog post,  when I workout, it is even on when I shower. And my taste of music has evolved over the years, specially depending on the city where I live. For example, now that I live in New York I’ve noticed that I listen to more trance. The city’s speed allows for this, in a way that Portland couldn’t. With that said, my iTunes is predominantly dominated by an assortment of Uplifting Trance and Downtempo/Electronic.

    This page is about what is currently ‘On Repeat’.

Open Your Eyes

Last week I had the opportunity to see the amazing duo Thievery Corporation live at Terminal 5. I first heard their music while watching the film Vanilla Sky, which coincidently also provides for my earliest recollection of New York City. I was eleven, and one of my sisters had rented the movie for the family to watch. The scene below in particular had a lasting effect on me; from that moment on I knew that I was meant to live in New York, and all I wanted was to walk into a dark DUMBO club scene and let the music take over.

While there is darkness to the film's plot, I find that it positioned New York City  in a free and nonchalant way. Something told me that if I moved here, that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

The first song in the clip is called Indra from Thievery Corporation. Their music is rich and life affirming, and this allowed me to pull through long study nights at Starbucks during my college days.