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In recent years the Madden NFL brand had lost its soul and identity—leading for sales to flatten. This was only exacerbated by a decrease in viewership of the NFL. 

The problem laid in how the media and spectacle of football itself painted the sport as a brutish display of masculine strength and athleticism; setting an intimidating culture and thus a hard barrier of entry to the Madden brand. 

Promoting the intricacy of football would broaden its appeal and once again solidify it’s importance in football culture.

The Ask 

Take Madden back to it’s former glory by refocusing on the essence of the game—refining the art and strategy of football—and in doing so, elevate the brand’s image.


Research revealed that mental toughness and strategy are just as—or even more— important than athletic performance on the football field. At the epicenter of this laid games like Madden which improve problem- solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. 

In 2010, an estimated 50% of NFL players were Madden players, and many pros credit the game for systematically changing how they play football.

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Role of the Brand

It was also discovered that Madden had been accredited by many NFL superstars as the pathway to understanding the game of football. Madden has moved beyond just simulating action on the field, it is changing the real game. This phenomenon is referred to as The Madden Effect.


The Madden Effect

"When Denver's Brandon Stokely caught a game-winning pass against Cincinnati earlier this year, he veered parallel to the goal line en route to the end zone, to both burn time and celebrate. He told Wired it was a Madden-inspired move"



    “Master Madden. Master Football” sheds light to the impact the video-game of Madden NFL has on the sport of football. All creative deliverables ladder up to the key message that Madden is the pathway to mastering the game of football.


Video games are not only making us smarter, they are making better athletes.

Idea I

'Master Madden. Master Football' would kick off trough a screen take over, during one of the games at the beginning of the football season. While watching the game, viewers would be caught off guard when the coach decides to switch a player out for one that they have never seen before.

As everyone find themselves dumbfounded by the move, one of the commentators expresses his support. He offers "to me this is a brilliant move. There is no one better to take his place. He has played Madden for years, and knows all the plays. Who else would you choose? Listen, if you can Master Madden, you can Master Football."

The screen take over would tease at a contest that would be launched that day.

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Idea II

At the start of the season, Madden will sponsor sporting tailgates outside of arenas, to launch a contest.

At tailgates, fans will be introduced to a Madden 18 contest. Those who show the best skill, will be given a copy of the game to continue playing at home, however anyone who purchases the game can enter the contest.  

Once at home, and upon reaching a high level, players will be allowed to create their own plays, which Madden will then submit to real coaches to use in real games, and enjoy live on

This deliverable would be extended during the holiday season, but instead of tailgates, the contest will be introduced through pop-ups at game and department stores.

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Idea III

The third "Master Madden. Master Football' deliverable, would be a TV Spot. The spot is supposed to augment awareness of the contest that by now would be underway.  

In the spot a coach in the football field can't find the right play to prepare his team. Once the coach arrives home, he sees his kid playing Madden. He catches a glimpse of a play that allows the kid win the game.

The coach is taken a back and asks to himself "Why didn't I think of that?" The next day the coach implements that same play with his team.

The spot ends with "If You can Master Madden, you can Master Football. Join the contest at"