Kamoka Pearl

True Luxury

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” - Dr. Seuss

The founders of Kamoka Pearl shared this quote with us during our initial visit. They felt it captured the charm and craftsmanship of their brand. We were captivated by their discerning product and dedication to the environment, and we wanted consumers to care, too. 

Early research uncovered that Kamoka target consumers could be divided into two groups. One group embraced a lifestyle of environmental consciousness and sustainability, while the other group valued the savoir-faire and artisanship of luxury goods. Our audience didn't think of these as collaborating lifestyles. Our strategy team had to find a way to marry luxury goods with sustainability, and prompt the audience to question if it was truly luxury without sustainability. Finally, we wanted to show consumers that you can embody both lifestyles by investing in Kamoka Pearl.

We developed a concept called "true luxury." This concept describes luxury as not only a respect for quality materials and craftsmanship, but also a respect for people and the planet. Due to a limited budget we decided that our promotional mix should take advantage of as much free-media as possible. Here's what we recommended:

  • Op-Ed article in the Business of Fashion putting forward the idea of ‘true luxury’  and expose the harmful and unsustainable practices of the jewelry industry and more specifically pearl farming. 

  • Partner with the organizers of fashion shows/events in markets embracing sustainability, ensuring that high profile guests wear Kamoka Pearls and mention the Kamoka name when photographed or interviewed, and that designers incorporate Kamoka pieces in their runway presentations.


  • Upload look-books to the Kamoka website, inviting customers to the ‘World of Kamoka’, depicting the inspiration behind the collections and Kamoka’s commitment to ‘true luxury.’

  • Create a 'Breath of Life' and 'Underworld' collections with, 5% of sales going to Conservation International's sustainability efforts