Silence Is Golden

Silence is a powerful way to express your message

The International Youth Silent Film Festival enlisted FIR Northwest’s creative minds to reach their goal of increasing film submissions and increase attendance to its subsequent festival among its target audience. When comparing it to other film festivals, it quickly became apparent that we had to capitalize on the festival’s uniqueness: silence. However our research reveled that adolescents were jaded by elaborate and loud Hollywood blockbusters, driving them uninterested in the production of silent film. We also learned that youth are propelled by joining a cause and having their voice heard.

Our strategy proposed to dismantle youth’s pre-conceived notions of silent film, and offer the idea that silent film can be a compelling and powerful method of telling a story. Silence in films forces the audience to pay closer attention as they must rely on other indicators, such as body movement and facial expressions.

The first deliverable resulting from this strategy was the creation of a spot to be played in local theaters. The spot reminds the audience of the power of silence, specially when trying to enjoy a movie.

International Youth Silent Film Festival strategy led to 10% increase in submissions and 44% increase in social media presence.