A Company With Ambition



Compass is on a path to disrupt the real estate industry, and its newest target is San Francisco. 

Through a fresh culture fueled by technology, Compass is empowering high performing but unfulfilled agents, to once again take control of their own destiny. But with an ambitious growth goal—a 20% market share in 20 of the largest U.S. cities by 2020— Compass needed a message that would allow them to poach 40% of San Francisco's agents away from the competition by end of year.


The Ask

An advertising campaign aimed at acquiring most of San Francisco's real estate agents. The campaign however would also have to resonate with home buyers, so when they think of buying a home, they feel the best option is using a Compass agent.

Research/ Findings

In understanding the inner-workings of a real estate agent we began with one simple question: Why do you do what you do?

Conversations with real estate agents revealed that there are common traits among this group. These individuals are endlessly hungry, they are driven by the fruit of their labor, and enjoy the independence and control that comes with being their own boss. Above all, these individuals don’t fear rejection or what’s next.

Successful real estate agents believe that they are in control of their growth and destiny, and that the sky is the limit. They are the truest crusaders of the American Dream.

Expansion. Always. In all ways.
— Ryan Serhant, Associate Broker at Nest Seekers International
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Further research revealed that many agents who had recently joined Compass, had done so after having reached long tenures working for the competition. Again the question became why? Among the main reasons for agents to leave a competitor and join Compass were:

  • The competitor was out of touch with the market 
  • Company culture and CEO were stale
  • Lack of technology

These limitations ignited a sense of frustration among this audience; they felt stuck and that they were no longer in control.


Role of the Brand

Compass understands that visceral yearning—the drive that gets you out of bed day after day. After all, it is Compass’ ambitious goal to expand to the top 20 cities, and have 20 percent market share by 2020.

Furthermore, the only con for working at Compass was its fast growth. As a Glassdoor review notes:

“Compass may not be for everyone. It is a space for growth, experimentation, collaboration, creating and failing... and most importantly learning from those failures. That's not an environment for everyone. Many people are happy to follow along with the status quo. That's okay. Compass is a place for growth.”

The desire for growth is at the core of Compass' culture. And this is consistently reinforced by the language and energy of the startup's CEO.



People with ambition can either be a threat or a motivation








Showcase the hustler mentality that drives high performing real estate agents; to bring to light that Compass is the natural habitat for these individuals.

While other agencies may not understand this hunger and need for growth, it is this exact yearning that has positioned Compass as a threat in the industry.

Cultural Opportunity 

Nowhere is the the hustler mentality more alive than in Silicon Valley; which is the economical engine of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

These young, tech-millionaires have realized their own version of the 'American Dream' through innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.  When it is time to purchase a home with their new accumulated wealth, they will seek an agent who embodies this hustle.




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